android: Google reportedly making it easier to identify bad cables

Google is reportedly making it easier for Android users to identify bad cables. As per a report by XDA developers, the tech giant is adding a USB Startup Diagnostics tool with the latest version of the Android Auto app. According to details of the update shared by Mishaal Rahman in a Twitter thread, the new tool appears in Android Auto’s settings page under the Connection help section.
To access the USB Startup Diagnostics tool, you need to connect the USB cable with your smartphone and Android Auto. Once paired, the tool checks whether the wire is able to transfer data between the head unit and Android smartphone. If the tool is not able to transfer the data properly, this means that either of the ports is damaged or the cable is incompatible resulting in poor connection with Android Auto in the car.
As per the report the new tool is rolling out with Android Auto version 7.5.121104. Poor connection between Android Auto and smartphone is a quite common issue. It seems that Google is trying to stem the problem with the latest update.
According to the Android Auto support page, not all USB cables will work with all cars. For the best quality and reliability when you connect to Android Auto try using a cable that’s under 3 feet (1 meter) long and don’t use USB hubs or cable extensions. It also advises that you should try the cable that came with your phone. These cables are often tested by the phone manufacturer to make sure they work well with the phone. Cables from independent manufacturers can be a good choice if they meet standards of the USB Implementers Forum.
Apart from this, Google recently also added dual SIM support for Android Auto. Users now receive a pop-up that lets them choose the SIM from which they want to make the call.

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