Apple Watch Series 8 may get body temperature monitoring feature

Apple reportedly cancelled plans to add a body temperature monitoring sensor in the Apple Watch Series 7 but the company may add it in the upcoming Apple Watch Series 8. As per latest tweets from known Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the tech giant intended to add the body temperature monitoring feature in the 2021 Apple Watch model, however the company had to shelve the plan due to failed algorithm.
According to Kuo, Apple Watch Series 8, that is rumoured to launch later this year, may have body temperature monitoring feature if the algorithm can meet Apple’s high requirements before it enters mass production. “Apple canceled body temperature measurement for Apple Watch 7 because the algorithm failed to qualify before entering EVT stage last year. I believe Apple Watch 8 in 2H22 could take body temperature if the algorithm can meet Apple’s high requirements before mass production.” tweet from Kuo read.
The analyst further suggests “the challenge in implementing precise body temperature measurement is that skin temperature quickly varies depending on outside environments. A smartwatch can’t support core temperature measurement in terms of hardware, so it needs an excellent algorithm to work together.”
“Samsung is facing this challenge as well. Unlike previous media reports, I think Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 in 2H22 might not support the body temperature measurement due to algorithm limitations.” Kuo added.
Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman previously predicted that 2022 will be the biggest year in the history of Apple Watch as the company may launch three new smartwatches – a regular model, affordable SE model and rugged model for athletes. Apple is also likely to reportedly discontinue the Apple Watch Series 3 model this year.
According to Kuo, the smartwatch may meet its end of life cycle during the third quarter of 2022. Although the tech giant has stopped selling Apple Watch series 4, series 5 and series 6, the five year old Apple Watch series 3 stayed as part of Apple’s portfolio as an affordable alternative to Apple Watch SE.

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