Apple working on ‘foldable’ camera technology

Apple is reportedly working on a new ‘folded’ camera technology that will allow users to enhance the zoom capabilities of their phones. As per a patent application spotted by Patently Apple, Apple has filed a new patent with US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for the camera technology. Patent application titled “Zoom Lens and Imaging Apparatus” reveals technology that will use multiple adjustable lenses which will allow variable magnification.
What Zoom Lens and Imaging Apparatus means for iPhones
The technology under development will help Apple iPhone to handle the magnification better and it will also help the company to avoid degradation of image quality. The lens system uses more than two lenses that are movable along a common optical axis. This means that users will be able to attain better optical zoom. Most of the smartphones available in the market currently use fixed lens and the devices also rely on software along with digital zoom for magnification which reduces the quality of the image.
The technology mentioned in Apple’s patent application is not exactly new. Similar technology is used in smartphones with periscope cameras. The technology is mostly used by brands to add advanced lens systems for telephoto cameras in their smartphones. As per a previous report, Apple has secured a deal with LG on periscope lens for advanced zoom capabilities.
After spotting the new patent application, the report suggests that Apple’s deal with LG will advance the zoom capabilities of Apple devices closer to that of the newly launched Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. As per the application, the use of the new technology will not be limited to iPhones only and can be used in desktop computer, laptop, notebook, tablet, slate, pad, set top box, an augmented reality (AR) and/or virtual reality (VR) headset and several other devices.
Technologies seen in the patent application does not always make it to the actual products and if it does, it takes years to implement. So you should not expect any Apple device with this technology anytime soon.

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