dropbox: Dropbox brings native support to Apple M1 Macs

File storage service Dropbox has brought native support for the Apple Silicon platform on the macOS with a new app update. The Dropbox update brings full support for the M1 chip but is in Beta for now, as per a report by 9To5Mac.
Dropbox caused plenty of frustration among Mac users of the platform as it took almost more than a year to bring its app version compatible with the M1 chip. Dropbox users were forced to run the app through Rosetta. That has been resolved now and the Beta version 140.3.1903 of Dropbox is compatible with the M1 chips.
An M1 chip-compatible version of the app means users would have to worry less about the power consumption when using the MacBooks on battery power. Also, the software is also supposed to function smoother and faster.
“As noted by a Dropbox user, the latest beta version of the Dropbox app for macOS runs natively on the Apple Silicon platform. Once you download the new installer, it comes with the identifier “arm64,” which means that it is compatible with the ARM architecture of the M1, M1 Pro, and M1 Max chips.”, said the report.
In other news, Apple may bring the M2 chipset for Macs next year and its more powerful successor, the M2 Pro in 2023, as per a report by Commercial Times. Both the chips are most likely to use the 4nm manufacturing process by TSMC which happens to be the primary chipmaker for Apple. The M2 chip is codenamed Staten, while the M2 Pro chip has been codenamed Rhodes, claimed the report.

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