England vs India: Umran Malik is not ready for international cricket: Aakash Chopra

Umran Malik did not have a great outing with the Indian team in the one match that he played for England. He took a solitary wicket and gave away almost 60 runs.

Umran Malik celebrates a wicket in the third T20I. (Courtesy: Reuters)


  • India have fast tracked Umran keeping an eye on the T20 World Cup
  • Umran Malik comes with the reputation of bowling at rapid pace
  • Rohit Sharma had said that Umran Malik would be in India’s plans

Former Indian cricketer Aakash Chopra has stated that Arshdeep Singh is a more complete bowler than Umran Malik. India have fastracked two Indian pacers from the Indian Premier League hoping to make use of their unique skill sets.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, Chopra said that Umran had something that no one else does, but that does not make him ready for international cricket.

“Umran Malik has something that others don’t have – extreme pace. You can’t teach that to anyone. You can teach everything else – line and length, yorker, bouncer, slower ones. But you can’t teach someone how to bowl with speed. You are either born a pacer or born a medium-pacer.”

“No doubt, he has the pace. But what I feel is that Umran Malik is not ready for international cricket as of now. It is very simple, he needs time. He hasn’t played a lot of cricket and so he is still raw,” Chopra said in the Q and A session.

Chopra further argued that Arshdeep was better suited to the international standards because he was a more complete product and knew how to bowl intelligently.

“Arshdeep is better prepared for international cricket. He has been playing consistently. He is a left-armer who nails those yorkers. He’s got the brains also, though he doesn’t have the pace. Experience counts for everything. Arshdeep, in my opinion, is a more complete bowler compared to Umran Malik,” he concluded his point.

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