Explained: What are the new search filters in WhatsApp Business and how to use them

WhatsApp Business users will be able to check out local restaurants and groceries straight from the app. The app has released a new search feature named Business Directory that allows users to search for local businesses in the app.
As per WABetaInfo, the Business Directory feature was first spotted by some users in Sao Paulo, Brazil and there is no information about its global availability. The report adds that this feature will be released for both Android and iOS WhatsApp Business users.
What is the Whatsapp Business app?
Whatsapp Business is an alternative to the popular messaging app. This app is targeted towards users who are running their businesses from this platform. This platform offers features like greeting messages and listing your catalogue. These features help businesses to engage more customers.
How does Business Directory work?
Whatsapp Business users need to hit the search button present at the top of the app’s main screen. Here, users will be able to find new filters for nearby businesses like restaurants, groceries and more. It will be amongst older subcategories like photos, videos and documents.
Future of Business Directory
This feature has bleak chances to be released for the regular WhatsApp messaging app any time soon. This feature is more useful for the WhatsApp Business platform, as users might want to know more about the local businesses present in the area that are competing against them.

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