fire tv: Amazon introduces Hearing Aids support for second-generation Fire TV Cube

Amazon has introduced a new accessibility feature for its Fire TV device. The company has launched Audio Streaming support for Hearing Aids, also known as ASHA, on the second-generation Fire TV Cube for compatible Bluetooth hearing aids from Starkey. The company claims that this makes the second-generation Fire TV Cube the first-ever device to support this feature.
The company has also revealed that improving the sound quality was one of the most requested features among hearing aid users. Here’s everything you need to know about the new Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids.
Customers with compatible Starkey hearing aids can connect directly to Fire TV Cube for private listening with audio delivered directly to the hearing aids.

  • Hearing aids connect with Fire TV on a system level, so users can enjoy private audio from their favourite streaming services, apps, and games, as well as Alexa.
  • Users can also control the streaming volume using the Fire TV remote as they otherwise would.
  • It also offers the option to disconnect through a shortcut by pressing and holding the ‘Home’ button and selecting ‘Disconnect Hearing Aids.’
  • Apart from that, Amazon has also specified that the Hearing aids feature works best when connected over a 5GHz Wi-Fi network, within 10 feet and in line of sight to Fire TV Cube. However, the feature works on 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network as well.
  • Amazon has also confirmed that they will be expanding the ASHA support to more devices later this year

Here is the list of all the devices that support hearing aids:
Starkey: Evolv AI, Livio, Livio AI, Livio Edge AI
Audibel: Arc AI, Via, Via AI, Vie Edge AI
NuEar: Savant AI, Circa, Circa AI, Circa Edge AI
MicroTech: Envy AI, Esentia, Esentia AI, Esentia Edge AI
How to pair hearing aids with Fire TV Cube
Head to Fire TV Settings → Accessibility → Hearing Aids and connect the device like regular Bluetooth headphones.

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