Former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand slams Liverpool fans for mocking Raheem Sterling

Former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand has lambasted the detractors of Raheem Sterling who have been questioning the 27-year-old’s credentials for years. The jury is out among the fans who have argued time and again if the player is one of the best in the Premier League or not.

The defender in very strong words defended Sterling saying that the player should be hel in very high esteem.

“Questioned by Liverpool fans, ridiculed by Liverpool fans when he made that move. Other sections of the football community questioned whether he was good enough, shouldn’t be held in that esteem, shouldn’t be held in that class. The kid does it everywhere, he does it in the Champions League, the Premier League. And Chelsea, by the way, what a steal,” Ferdinand said in his YouTube channel.

Calling the Chelsea deal a fantastic one, the former player said that Sterling is a havoc-causer in the Premier League.

“The market and they’ve gone and got him wow. So the new owners at Chelsea have come in, it’s a fantastic deal on their part, listen they’ve got a ready-made Premier League goal-getter, havoc-causer in the league, simple as that. If he can replicate the form at Man City in a Chelsea shirt wow. Listen, the Chelsea boys in England, they know what they’re getting, they know what’s coming through that door,” the player said.

Further going on about the Sterling debate, Ferdinand said that he does not understand that why does Sterling split opinions.

“You know what it does my head in when there’s a split opinion about him and I don’t understand it. The guys come from London, QPR went to Liverpool done really well part of that forward line with Sturridge, Sterling and Suarez that was devastating at times as a young kid, a baby almost,” he said.

“Gets transferred from Liverpool to Man City, huge fee, goes there, takes a risk in some people’s eyes taking a big chance leaving somewhere that’s took a big chance on him in Liverpool big history, great forward line, great opportunity to do some great things there to play alongside the greats like Suarez and Gerrard etc,” he added further.
Chelsea have offloaded Romelu Lukaku to Inter Milan and are in the process of forming a very strong attacking line. They are in the hunt for a traditional number nine as well.

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