George Russell says Formula One has lessons to learns from Zhou Guanyu’s crash at British GP

George Russell has said that Formula One has some lessons to learn from the Zhou Guanyu crash which happened during the British GP.

Atleast six drivers were involved in the crash at Silverstone (Courtesy: Reuters)


  • Guanyu was involved in a horrific crash on Sunday
  • Russell has said F1 needs to learn from the crash
  • The Alfa Romeo driver said the Halo saved him at Silverstone

Mercedes driver George Russell has claimed that Formula One has some lessons to learn from Zhou Guanyu’s crash during the British Grand Prix on Sunday.

The incident took place during the opening moments of the race. Alpha Tauri’s Pierre gasly nudged Russell’s car, which lost control and rammed into Guanyu’s Alfa Romeo. The impact caused the Chinese driver’s car to flip and drag along the road till it crashed into the barriers. The incident involved atleast six cars and Albon and Guanyu were taken to the medical centre for further evaluation.

After the crash, Russell ran out of his car to check on the Alfa Romeo driver, who was stuck in the barrier at that time. The Mercedes driver said it was a horrible situation for the Chinese racer as he was stuck and couldn’t have done anything.

“It was horrible, in that position he was stuck there, nothing he could have done,” said Russell.

The British driver went on to say that there must measures to avoid the car being stuck in such a gap and F1 needs to learn from the incident.

“We need think to avoid a car being stuck in such a fine gap. The space between the barriers and the metal fence and he was just stuck in there, nowhere to go. Yeah, something to learn,” said Russell.

The Halo was the saviour for Guanyu as it protected the Alfa Romeo driver from sustaining serious injuries during the crash.

After he was declared fit, Guanyu sent a message on social media to his fans and provided an update. The Chinese racer said he was ok and the Halo saved him on the day. He concluded by thanking everyone for their messages.

“I’m ok, all clear. Halo saved me today. Thanks everyone for your kind messages!” said Guanyu.

The next race on the F1 calendar is the Austrian GP.

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