Google may allow Chrome users to add notes to passwords

Password managers are an integral part of online security and now Google makes it easier to work with a password manager built inside the Chrome browser. Now, since the feature has become a hit with users, the company has now added space for notes on the Chrome password manager.
Now, the browser will allow users to add notes to the saved passwords. Google is now testing this feature with a few users and it is not widely available. The new feature was spotted by a Reddit user (u/Leopeva64). This feature can be seen as a simple ‘Note’ field under the username and password fields.
This option can be seen when you edit an existing password or add one for the first time. This new feature will help you give context to an account, which has already been added by a user. The note section can have security questions, small information, which can help you remember the details of the account.
This feature, however, is presently limited to Chrome’s latest Canary release but it is expected to come in a stable release in due course of time. This new feature is currently a part of Chrome’s 101 release and it is expected to arrive by April or May. However, since it’s a Canary feature, there’s no guarantee that the release will follow an exact schedule.
Notes are not uncommon for other password manager services. Other services like LastPass and 1Password leave room for notes on password listing and space for supporting full notes for their own listings.

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