Google rolls out new safety feature for Google Doc users

Google sends a notification email to users every time he/she is mentioned in a comment in a Google Docs document. The email has both the comment and the commenter’s name. Now, Google is adding a new feature to Workspace. Along with the comment and the commenter’s name, the email notification will also show the commenter’s email address. Google says that the new addition is aimed to help users feel more confident that they are receiving a legitimate notification rather than a spam or phishing attempt by a bad actor.
The feature will be available to all Google Workspace customers, as well as legacy G Suite Basic and Business customers. It will also be available to users with personal Google accounts. It has started rolling out to users from March 3. The roll out is expected to complete within up to 15 days.
Also, there is no admin control for the feature. It will be available to the users by default.
Recently, Google had rolled out new features like setting Space Managers, Space guidelines and Space descriptions to Google chat. The features are aimed to help users better organize people, topics, and projects. Space Managers in Google chat will offer more control over the management of space to certain users.
Users can also add descriptions to Spaces and also define guidelines that establish rules and expectations for members to create a safer community experience. Descriptions for Space can be used to describe the purpose of the space, such as a place to discuss all things asteroids, which is a helpful context for members of the space.

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