Have never coached him: R Sridhar likens Ravindra Jadeja’s fielding to MS Dhoni’s wicketkeeping

Former India bowling coach R Sridhar revealed that he has never coached Ravindra Jadeja, saying that the India all-rounder is unbelievable on the field. Sridhar said Jadeja only needs a bit of warm-up before a match.

Sridhar, speaking to Sony Sports during the Tea break on Day 2 of the rescheduled 5th Test between England and India, said Jadeja has a unique ball sense that allows him to be at his best on the field.

Ravindra Jadeja is one of the best fielders of the game, if not the best, across all formats of the game. The Saurashtra star has only improved on the field over the years, becoming a crucial member of the Indian side, at times, staying ahead of the competition in limited-overs cricket for his ability to save runs on the field.

England vs India, 5th Test, Day 2 Updates

Sridhar said much like MS Dhoni, who does not have to do a lot of wicketkeeping drills in the lead-up to cricket matches, Jadeja doesn’t have the necessity to go through the fielding drills before taking the field in competitive action.

“Never coached him. Never coached him.,” Sridhar said.

“Just listened to him, and ask a few questions. ‘What do you think is a good thing, what should we be doing here?’ and all that. It’s unbelievable what he does on the field. It’s like the MS Dhoni of wicketkeeping. You don’t go and see MS Dhoni actually doing too many wicketkeeping drills, he has played so many games,” he added.

“Similarly, with Jaddu, just a bit of warm-up before the match to get his shoulders moving but it’s never been ‘okay let’s practice direct hits today, let’s practice borderline catching today, let’s practice diving at a backward point today’. No.

“He has got this unique ball sense. He is an unbelievable athlete. Fielding is something that comes to him as a fish takes to water,” he added.

Jadeja, who edged out R Ashwin to make the playing XI for the Birmingham Test, led India’s recovery in the first innings along with Rishabh Pant as they took India from 98 for 5 to help post 416 on the board.

Jadeja brought up his 3rd Test hundred, hitting 104 from 194 balls as he was happy to play second fiddle to Pant who hit 146 from 111 balls. The duo added a record-breaking tally of 222 runs for the 6th wicket.

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