IIT-Delhi startup launches “world’s smallest” wearable air purifier, Naso95

IIT-Delhi start-up Nanoclean Global has launched the “world’s smallest” wearable air purifier, Naso95. Nanoclean Global claims that Naso95 is at par effective to an N95 grade face mask.
The launch ceremony at IIT Delhi observed gathering from Doctors and Government officials. Shri. Rajesh Kumar Pathak, IP & TAFS cadre, Secretary Technology Development Board, Gov. of India was the chief guest and Dr M C Mishra, Ex Director AIIMS, Delhi was guest of honour.
What is Naso95 and how it works
Naso95 is an N95 grade nasal filter. It sticks to the user’s nasal orifice and prevents bacteria, viral infection and pollen and air pollution. It is at par effective with an N95 grade face mask.
According to the company, a person wearing Naso95 is more protected than a generic facemask or a loosely fitted face mask. The product is said to have been tested and certified by national and international labs for its safety and efficiency. Naso95 comes in different sizes: Small, Medium, Large and Kids size.
The product Naso95 can also be used by kids prone to air borne infections and air pollution.
Dr M C Mishra, ex-director, AIIMS-Delhi, said that air pollution is a much bigger problem than viruses. Lung cancer remains the leading form of cancer and a product like Naso95 can effectively address the problem of respiratory illnesses in metro cities. During the pandemic, the product can specially come in handy at places where one has to pull down a mask for the purpose of identification for e.g. airports, security checks etc.

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