keyboard explained: Explainer: What is a floating keycap design in a keyboard

You may have come across the term ‘floating keycaps’ when looking for a keyboard online. It is a type of keyboard design in which the keys are said to be ‘floating’ ones. What the term means is that all the keys in the keyboard are elevated above the top surface of the keyboard frame/case and are not embedded deep inside the body of the keyboard. The floating keycap design also makes each key’s position to be distinctly separate on the keyboard case, thus allowing for easily visible gaps among the keys.
Large and slightly bulky keyboards
Since the keys are placed on the top of the keyboard’s body and not inside, it gives the keyboard a large and slightly bulky appearance. You’ll see floating keycaps in the design of several gaming keyboards. In case they are backlit, the design helps identify your chosen colour scheme better since no part of the keys is hidden from the eyes and the colours can be easily seen around the lower edges of the keys, around the switches. The broad design is easier for your fingers to manage too, when all you need is some ease when it comes to hammering away at the keys during your competitive gaming sessions.
A keyboard with floating keycaps is a regular mechanical keyboard only and it’s just that its design looks a bit different as all the keys are raised above the main body of the keyboard.
Advantage: Easy to clean
One advantage the floating keycap design offers is that it is easier to clean the keyboard as there is enough space between each set of two keys and the cleaning brush can reach easily in the gaps to take out the dirt and other particles lodged in there. The keycaps can even be taken out easily with the help of tools.
Advantage: Durable
A floating keycaps keyboard is also sturdy in that the switches are embedded onto a thick backplate which is then screwed tightly to the keyboard case, which makes for a slightly heavy but very durable design. With the floating keycap design, these types of keyboards could take some punishing use if you are a hardcore gamer. These keyboards are not compact but as they have a strong build, they have lesser chances of getting damaged when travelling than the plastic ones.
Conversely, the keys may make a bit of noise with the input and it could be off-putting if you like a relatively quiet keyboard for gaming.
So, if you want to buy a keyboard specifically for gaming, a floating keycaps one could be a good option.

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