meta: What Meta may be planning for its first smartwatch

Meta (formerly known as Facebook) has filed a new patent application with the World Intellectual Property Organisation for its first smartwatch. LetsGo Digital has spotted the official patent application published by the WIPO on January 13, 2022.
The patent application shows multiple designs for the smartwatch. One design features a rectangular display, while the other features a rounded display. Also, both the designs feature a detachable display and three built-in cameras which will include a macro, a telephoto and a wide-angle lens.
The Meta smartwatch will also come with support for another display which can be interchanged with the main display. Also, the Detachable Display Block, according to the patent application, will feature multiple camera sensors.
Images from the patent application show that the display will be secured using multiple magnets placed on the base housing of the watch which will be attached to the strap.
The rounded version of the watch is also expected to come with some type of rotatable mechanism to allow users which camera they want to use. The patent application clarifies that the camera is required to be set at 12 o’clock to use it and once a camera is set at 12, other cameras will be unusable.
The smartwatch will also feature some fitness and sports features that include activity tracking, heart rate monitor, body temperature sensors. In addition, Meta is also expected to add IR sensor, motion and other activity recognition sensors.
At last, the smartwatch will most likely be compatible with VR and AR systems.
The patent application reveals a lot of interesting features about Meta’s first smartwatch. But, it feels like over-optimism. Implementing multiple cameras set up on devices that size will be really complicated.
Considering Meta isn’t the most ‘noble’ brand when it comes to users’ data and privacy, having multiple cameras set up on a smartwatch will raise even more concerns among users.
Meanwhile, this is just the patent, so it is a little too early to talk about all these. However, the patent application does give us an early idea about Meta’s first smartwatch.

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