persia: You can now play original Prince of Persia game on your smartwatch, here’s how

NEW DELHI: Prince of Perisa is one of the most popular games ever made. The original game was launched in 1989 and it is still loved by classic game enthusiasts. Over the years, several adaptations and versions of the game have been released but the charm of the iconic first version is still unmatched. To enjoy this game on the go, software developer Oliver Klemenz has created an HTML5/ Javascript version of the Prince of Persia game. Now surprisingly, you can also play this game on your smartwatch without downloading any additional apps. Klemenz has even shared a video demonstrating how the game works on an Apple Watch.

“Incredible! Prince of Persia runs on @Apple Watch including full @phaser_engine, playable with touch controls. Just send a mail or message with body to yourself, open link on Apple Watch and play in near original resolution. #PrinceOfPersia #AppleWatch”Klemenz wrote along the video. The game runs on the Safari browser through a website. As the Safari is not an independent app on the WatchOS, you will need to email or send yourself the link to the game to run it on the Apple Watch. Here is the link to the game –
As the game runs in JavaScript, it is accessible through any web browser. This means that you can even play it on your smartphone or your PC directly on the browser. As per the reply shared by the users on the original Tweet, the game is also accessible on other smartwatches such as the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and others.

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