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Do you know what is the full form of PWD, and what is the function of PWD, if you do not know the answer, then today in this post we are going to give you complete information about PWD in Hindi language, PWD Full Form in Hindi and To know the meaning of PWD, read this post till the last.

The full form of PWD is Department of Public Works. Public Works Department is called. PWD is one such department which has the responsibility of looking after the public sector works in India. Almost all countries have their own people with disabilities at the state level and sometimes even at the city level. Major responsibilities include urban development, maintenance and construction of public premises, etc.

The PWD also looks after various complex construction projects such as flyovers, highways and other public services. PWD covers the design and development of bridges and roads, resort development, water supply, licenses to use unused façades or waterways, housing and property management, water supply and sewerage, construction of government buildings and housing.

PWD in India is classified as CPWD or Central Public Works Department and State PWD. Each state has its own separate PWD states such as Arunachal Pradesh, Karnataka, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Mizoram, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

PWD Full Form – Additional Information

For any country to prosper in trade and tourism, it is very important to have a good infrastructure which can facilitate smooth movement. For this there is a need for good roads, highways, bridges etc. which can easily connect different cities for travel and development.

Role of PWD

PWD or Public Works Department is designated to construct the above facilities for the cities. It is responsible for the construction of roads, bridges and maintenance of national highways. In addition, the PWD is responsible for the construction and maintenance of government-owned buildings and hospitals. Tourism being an important source of economy in the country, PWD makes arrangements for the stay of tourists in government’s rest houses. They are well equipped with basic amenities to make the stay of the travelers comfortable.

Another important role of the Public Works Department is to ensure that there is adequate water supply for the public. This can be achieved by building dams and canals to meet the water supply. Some parts of our country receive sufficient rainfall, while some areas face famine. Proper water distribution in all areas helps to solve this problem.

PWD structure and function

The Public Works Department is run by both the State and the Centre. At the central level, it is known as the Central Public Works Department. It is headed by the Director General, who is also the Technical Adviser to the Government. To assist you, there are Regional and Sub-Regional Heads, namely Special Director General and Additional Director General respectively. All state capitals have chief engineers dealing with zones. CPWD depends on the Ministry of Urban Development. The duty of these people is to plan and commission various civic projects across the country.

The projects undertaken by the Public Works Department are extensive and hence require outside contractors to be nominated to complete the works. However, there is a contractor selection process and this is done through sealed floating bids for the projects. This ensures that there is no bias and a qualified contractor gets the project which can be executed for few lakhs or crores. Before starting any project, it is approved by the government and a survey is done to plan the work. As a result, they work on budget and then hire a contractor. The CPWD is the agency responsible for the central government specific tasks of planning, repair, maintenance and construction of buildings and other works financed through the Civil Works Budget.

Classification – PWD Performance

PWD work falls into three categories: basic work, repair and minor work.

“Original work” refers to new construction projects and changes or additions to finished works, as well as any specific repairs to newly acquired or previously purchased or abandoned works.

“Repair” indicates actions taken to restore buildings and works to proper condition. Repairs can be of two types: annual repairs and special repairs. Annual repairs include works such as color painting, whitening or patching. These activities are done annually only.

When any damage is noticed and needs to be fixed, such as repairing floors, replacing broken doors or windows, plastering premises, etc., a special repair is required. This should be done when problems arise or upon receipt of notices from supervisors.

“Minor works” means expenditure incurred on minor alterations or additions to residential/non-residential buildings or various items required for road works.

After receiving the request for a particular work, a preliminary work plan should be prepared on the basis of which a preliminary estimate can be prepared to determine the cost of the project. It is then submitted for administrative approval by the requesting authority. Before any project can be started, it must fulfill these requirements:

1- Administrative approval

2- Expenditure Budget Approval

3- Technical Consent

4- Allocation or reallocation of funds

Other works by PWD

Apart from construction of roads, bridges and overpasses, PWD also undertakes construction projects for residential and non-residential government buildings, hospitals, air terminals etc. CPWD was instrumental in preparing various stadiums for Commonwealth Games, Asian Games etc. It is the responsibility of the Public Works Department to ensure the supply of water in rural and urban areas. They maintain state and national highways and conduct highway construction and development at the district and state level. The PWD also builds ports and terminals to facilitate the transportation of goods. Public Works Department is the major unit responsible for generating developmental change in a state/country.

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