Rupa Dutta’s lawyer takes a dig at police investigation, claims there’s no independent witness or complaint | Bengali Movie News

While police continue to grill actress Rupa Dutta in the alleged pickpocketing case her lawyer has raised some serious questions taking a dig at the police investigation.

According to Rupa’s lawyer Rajdeep Bandopadhyay, there are a number of loopholes in the case, “It’s interesting that police couldn’t produce a single independent witness in front of the court. Ever there are no independent complaints. This case has been filed based on the allegation by the police on duty at the Kolkata Book Fair ground on that day. Even the investigation is not adequate. We have raised this issue in front of the court and the judge listened to it with great importance.”

The lawyer has also stated that police have never mentioned that they have caught Rupa Dutta red-handed. She wasn’t even seen stealing anything. She was just picking up a purse from a dustbin. The people around her started shouting at that time and things escalated. Also, the police officials haven’t been able to produce a single person who has come up with any allegation against her client. Moreover, her personal bag wasn’t even seized at that time.

Rupa Dutta was arrested for allegedly pick-pocketing at the International Kolkata Book Fair. Cops became suspicious after they saw a woman throwing a bag in the dustbin. An amount of Rs 75,000 was recovered from Rupa. The incident happened on Saturday night. Kolkata’s Bidhannagar North police station revealed that cops on duty at the ground saw a young woman throwing something like a bag in the dustbin and raised an alarm.

Incidentally, Rupa Dutta is the same actress who in 2020 had alleged that director-producer Anurag Kashyap sent her inappropriate messages on Facebook. But soon it was revealed that she was actually chatting with another man with the same first name as Anurag.

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