samsung: Samsung reportedly starts development of OLED panel for Apple iPads

Samsung has reportedly started to develop a new OLED panel for future iPad models. As per a report by Korean publication TheElec, Samsung is developing OLED panels that use a two-stack tandem structure in order to win orders for OLED Apple iPads that are rumoured to launch in 2024. The deal between the two tech giants reportedly went sour before after Samsung was not ready to develop the technology that Apple demanded due to financial reasons.
The report further reveals that these OLED panels from Samsung may not be limited to Apple iPads as the company may use it in MacBooks and iMacs as well. According to the report, Samsung has started to develop T1 material first for customer evaluation and it will begin the commercial production of the panels in 2023.
As previously reported by Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the first Apple OLED iPad was expected to launch in 2022. The device was delayed due to Appleā€™s demand for OLED panels that use two-slack tandem structures. For those who do not know, most OLED panels use a single-slack structure where red, green and blue form one emission layer.
However, Apple demanded two stack tandem structures for the iPad OLED panel as it stacks two red, green and blue emission layers, which doubles the brightness and extends the life of the panel by up to four times.
As per numerous reports, profitability was an issue for Samsung as preparing for the back-end module and completely resetting the manufacturing line is quite an expensive move to make for limited production. Now, as per the latest report, Samsung is ready to manufacture the OLED panels that Apple wants.
A report by MacRumors has also revealed that Chinese electronic components company, BOE, has recently converted the layout of one of its OLED panel factories to manufacture larger panels for other devices and automobiles, other than just smartphones. BOE, which also happens to be a supplier of Apple, may develop OLED displays for iPads and iMacs in this factory.

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