Solar eclipse of April: Solar eclipse 2022: Time, date and how to watch it online

Solar eclipse of April 30, 2022, Lunar eclipse: Several parts of the world will witness the year’s first partial solar eclipse on April 30. The phenomenon is also colliding with another celestial activity called Black Moon and according to NASA, the Black Moon will block the sunlight for some time during the day.
Partial solar eclipse: Where it will be visible
The solar eclipse will be visible in some parts of the Southern Hemisphere and people living in South America, Chile, Uruguay, southwestern Bolivia, Peru, some regions of southwestern Brazil and Argentina will be able to witness this celestial phenomenon.
NASA has also specified that the eclipse will also be visible from the South Pacific Ocean and the Southern Ocean regions. Unfortunately, people in India won’t be able to see this phenomenon.
Partial solar eclipse: Time and date
The partial solar eclipse will be visible starting at 12:15 pm IST and it will last till 2:11 pm IST on April 30.
How to watch the partial solar eclipse online on April 30
In the regions where the celestial phenomenon will not be visible, people can watch it online live. Several YouTube channels live stream it on their respective channels.

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