The true flavour of K-Drama comes to the forefront

STORY: After the so-called ‘deal’ between two opposition parties goes wrong, resulting in an unplanned attack on the Northern spies, the hostages are back to living with Soo-Ho and his two other comrades. Despite the heightened tension, there are brief yet impactful moments of unspoken love between Soo-ho and Yeong-ro. Finally, we get to witness a unique aspect of on-screen romance that Korean dramas are renowned for.

REVIEW: Call it her innate sense of responsibility or the desire to stay at Hosu University—in the company of her captor love-interest—Yeong-ro rejects Soo-ho’s offer to be released. In fact, in a twist of fate, she reveals her true identity and even delves details of her powerful political background to the comrades in an attempt to free her fellow hostages. Soo-Ho, too, has his internal battles to fight: a man that has betrayed his cause twice, a father that is waiting for him to emerge victorious and a lover who refuses to bow to his authority (and guns). Director Jo Hyun-tak switches it up for EP six and we, the audience, catch a proper glimpse of the famous Korean romance and (sort of) understand why they are the latest rage.

Contrary to the past episodes, this one is confined to the hallways of Hosu Women’s University with occasional chitter-chatter at ANSP’s control room. If the makers were calling this a romantic-thriller, then they have highlighted shades of ‘thrill’ in this episode for the very first time. Through subtle suggestions, we are told that Soo-Ho’s end of the deal is handled by a higher-up who may be connected to the South Korean political scenario. Likewise, Yeong-ro’s step-mother gives in to her superstitious beliefs in order to see her often-suppressed husband take on the role of being the President of the country. Yeong-ro’s brother, on the other hand, is wrestling with destiny. The story has so far been moving at a snail pace, but it has, suddenly, accelerated and we are loving how several interesting components of the story are coming out all at once.

It is worth mentioning that during their quiet moments of romance—there are two super-cute scenes between the lead pair—where the Korean BGS acts as a balm to what’s happening externally. Some sequences, especially involving smaller characters, seem unnecessary and a tad over-the-top but the background track more than makes up for it.

K-Pop star Jisoo is back in the acting game and jazzing things up with every passing episode. There’s depth and unresolved pain in her timid demeanour, which is perfectly complemented by Jung Hae-in’s simmering rage: the popping of veins, deep breathing and held-back tears all add to his brooding persona.

‘Snowdrop’ episode six has our undivided attention, and the eagerness to know what lies ahead. With 10 more episodes to go, this better be a ride worth all the hype and waiting!

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