These Windows users may soon see ads in File Explorer

Windows 11 users may soon see ads while scrolling through folders in the File Explorer. As per a report by XDADevelopers, few Windows Insider users are seeing Microsoft’s self-promotion advertisements in the File Explorer window. Twitter user Florian B has shared the screenshot of the Windows 11 ad in a post. According to the image shared by Florian, Microsoft Editor ad can be seen right below the address bar. The report further suggests that the ads have been showing up since Windows Insider installed the build 22572 that was released last week.
The report suggests that the ad seems to appear at the locations where it makes sense. For example, the ad for Microsoft Editor was seen right above the Documents folder. For those who are unaware, the Microsoft Editor is the brand’s proofreading and grammar correction app.
This is not the first time Microsoft is forcing advertisements of its own products on users. The report has also mentioned the ad in the File Explorer is not the only place where the company is showing ads. Few users are also reported that they are seeing ads of templates on right above the PowerPoint.
Ads are scattered all throughout the operating system in many forms. You must have seen the banner promoting Outlook when you open the Mail app. Another way you see the ads on Windows OS is when you clean install the operating system. When you reinstall the Windows, third-party apps are pinned in the Start menu but they are not installed.
Microsoft has not yet revealed any official details about these ads as of now and the report suggests that this may be a small-scale test. It is not yet known when Microsoft will roll out the ads in the stable version.

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