Vikrant Massey uses tough words to criticise Indian cricket team, ends up facing backlash from fans | Hindi Movie News

During the third test match against South Africa, India skipper Virat Kohli ended up making comments after being upset with a DRS decision against the host broadcasters through stump mic. Virat along with his teammates, lost their cool over the same.

After which, Bollywood actor Vikrant Massey posted an apology to the South African cricket team and wrote, “Most Indian cricket fans are deeply embarrassed by the shrill “Box-Office” antics by our boys. “And since nobody would in these times of chest-thumping machoism, very popular in my country, I and most I know would wanna apologize to the SA Cricket team. Well played.”

However, the apology note didn’t go well with Indian cricket fans as they too were upset with the outcome of the series. A user tweeted to Vikrant, “I used to like you, but never mind”. Another netizen wrote, “we are really proud of our boys and fyi no one here has asked for your unsolicited opinions”. Another comment read, Speak for yourself, not on behalf of other Indians! Pretty bold of you to assume that many of us want to apologise for an incident that’s hardly as bad as others you see on a sport fields on a regular basis.

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