Vivek Agnihotri on The Kashmir Files: Will come out with a series | Hindi Movie News

The Kashmir Files‘ director Vivek Agnihotri along with the cast and producer of the movie was in the national capital to interact with the media on the box office success of his movie.

Calling the film a testimonial of 700 Kashmiri Pandits, he said that it took him and his team four years to research and make the movie, and the Global Kashmiri Pandit Diaspora (GKPD) helped him find and locate the Kashmiri Pandits, who were the direct victims of the violence in Kashmir.

The director hinted at releasing a new web series on the subject to release the ‘heart-wrenching’ material he collected.

Agnihotri said, “We have so much material that we can produce a series. All accounts are heart-wrenching ones. These are human stories… We are thinking about it… We will come out with a series.”

“The immense response that we got from the community was tremendous. These are all true accounts. Nobody knew about these. When we began with the thought, no one believed that this had happened with Kashmiri Hindus.”

At the box office, the film is on its way to the Rs 50 crore mark in just 4 days of its release. Celebs from Akshay Kumar to Yami Gautam, Kangana Ranaut and others have showered praise on the film that has been declared tax-free is some states.

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