Watch | Reigning Formula One champion Max Verstappen’s incredible save after 360 degree spin at Silverstone

Dutch Formula One driver got away in the wet conditins of Silverstone during the qualifying laps ahead of the race after he spun 360 degrees, but managed to keep the car on the track.

Max Verstappen drives in soaking wet conditions at Silverstone. (Courtesy: Reuters)


  • Max Verstappen qualified at number two for the British GP
  • Verstappen had a terrible crash last time around
  • Britain’s Lewis Hamilton qualified at number 5

Reigning Formula One champion and current leader of the crop in the driver’s championship, Max Verstappen, had a terrible incident at the British Grand Prix on Saturday, 2 July. The Dutch racer spun 360 degrees in the qualifying laps at Silverstone but managed to keep the car on the track in a moment of utter brilliance.

The save was all the more necessary in the soaking wet conditions at the race track, where racers found it difficult to push the speed limit of the cars.
Verstappen qualified at number two, behind Ferraris’ Carlos Sainz, and joked that he was warming up the tyres.

“It was a good qualifying, I felt comfortable out there. It was obviously very slippery on track, my 360-degree spin in Q3 was a new tyre warming technique [laughs], but overall I think we did a good job, we have a great race car”.

The crowd gasped as the racer spun in his Red Bull, but that turned to applause after the 24-year-old managed to keep the nose of the car straight.

This is the racer’s return to Silverstone after the infamous incident between him and Lewis Hamilton in the 2021 season where the Dutch driver had a 52G crash at the high speed corner of Copse. Verstappen was trying to overtake Hamiton from the outside at close to 300kmph when the British driver forced him out of the racing line. The two cars touched each other which ended up in Verstappen getting thrown out of the track, through the gravel and straight into the barricades.

Vertsappen will be hopeful of a victory this time around in the British Grand Prix, however, he should face steep competition from Carlos Sainz, should the wet conditions continue at the Silverstone. This is Sainz’s first ever pole at Silverstone and he is expected to do well if his Ferrari holds out.

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