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what is ISO

ISO is a non-governmental and non-profit organization. It is the largest organization in the world to develop voluntary international standards for services and products. ISO was established in 1947.

ISO is an independent international organization not run by any government. It ensures the quality, efficiency and safety of products, services and systems found in global markets. This applies to all companies around the world as to global markets.

ISO ka Full Form – International Organization for Standardization

ISO Full Form Hindi – International Organization for Standardization

ISO Key Features

ISO is made up of 162 countries representing groups of national standards around the world. The Central Secretariat is in Geneva. ISO Has issued more than 19,500 international standards covering most industries including food safety, technology, health care, agriculture and more.

What is the need of ISO?

ISO sets the standard for keeping things working the right way by providing international specification standards for various services, products and systems to ensure safety, quality and efficiency. By using standards, companies can reduce errors, wastage and thus increase productivity. It also assures consumers that the products and services they use meet the minimum required international standard. Therefore, they are very influential in accelerating international trade.

ISO Structure

ISO is a voluntary non-governmental organization consisting of members from each country they represent. Its members formulate strategy and policies for ISO. They organize the annual meeting of the General Assembly in Geneva to discuss various ISO strategic objectives.

What is ISO Certification

ISO Certificate is a certification that ensures the efficiency and safety of products and service systems found in global markets and is given an ISO certificate.

ISO Certificate All the industry sectors of the world like products, energy management, social work and hospitals etc. It is necessary to have ISO certification in all areas.

popular iso standard

ISO 1: 2002 Geometric Product Specifications (GPS)

ISO 105 Textiles – Color fastness tests

ISO 5455 Technical Drawings – Scales

ISO 9000 quality management systems

ISO 14000 environmental management systems

ISO / TS 15000 Extensible Markup Language for Electronic Businesses

ISO 22000 Food safety management

ISO 26000 Social responsibility

ISO 31000 risk management

ISO 45001 Occupational health and safety

ISO 50001 Energy management

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